Olinda Organic Chamomile Flowers


(20 Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags Per Box)

Calming and serious, a panacea for all ills. Chamomile will be that cup of luxurious serenity anytime of the day. We have plucked the best Chamomile flowers to bring you a cup of delicate floral taste.

• 100% Organic Chamomile Flowers



Grown thousands of feet above sea level in the central hills of Sri Lanka, Olinda, the toast of all tea connoisseurs, from the land of tea (Sri Lanka), where the cool upland air romances abundant sunshine to create tea of exquisite quality. In keeping with the distinctive grandeur of Olinda, our master tea tasters take pride in sharing the best Ceylon teas with you.
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Ceylon, the land of tea has an almost infinite variety of teas and tastes. Each individual Olinda tea has its own characteristics in taste and style. Our master tasters have carefully chosen and crafted each teabag using quality teas from the famous Ceylon tea regions for your tasting pleasure. We use the best materials and controls to ensure that your teabag serves up the very essence of the superlative qualities of Ceylon tea in each cup.



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