100% Hand-Baked. No Preservatives. No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring.
Our ever-popular Florentine, bite-size… Also known as “nut lace”, are delicate, crispy candies made of almonds and flavoured with vanilla and orange zest.
Approx 18-20pcs
Container size: Ø8.5cm x H12cm


  • Available daily from 03 Feb
  • Early Bird (Promo Code:CNY10): 10% OFF Discount from now till 05 Feb
  • Last day for order: 14 Feb (online) / 15 Feb (cafe)
  • Last day for delivery: 15 Feb (Delivery $15 / Above $200 FREE)
  • Last Day for Pickup: 15 Feb @ Dong Po Colonial Cafe
  • Pickup FREE at cafe
  • Order at cafe counter (cash only) or online (card payment accepted online)


The exact origin of the Florentine biscuit unknown but researchers argue that the crumbly biscuit could have originated in Florence, Italy. However, another legend states that the lacy biscuit could have originated in Austria where they are still prepared and served with tea. Another popular legend states that the cookie was created at the court of King Louis XIV of France. The delicate lacy cookie was created in his Versailles Palaces to honor a state visit by the Medicis of Florence.


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